Change starts from the ground up.

Forward Florida Action is working to engage communities across Florida in the fight to build a vibrant democracy that works for everybody. By building lasting infrastructure we are establishing the foundation for a more inclusive future for Florida.

About Forward Florida Action

We are building the future of the progressive movement in Florida. We think long-term, empower the grassroots, engage overlooked communities, and make change the only way it has ever been made — from the bottom up.

Forward Florida Action is making a progressive future for Florida a reality. Working with partner organizations and dedicated grassroots volunteers, we build the power of everyday Floridians: registering and reengaging voters who are often unseen and unheard, electing more leaders that share our values to local office, and making the state legislature more diverse.

Building lasting infrastructure

For too long, our campaigns have only engaged with local communities in the few months before an election. That kind of campaigning doesn’t heal the lack of faith in politics that pushes people away.

Year-in and year-out, Florida’s progressive movement needs to engage in authentic work at the grassroots level. The many progressive groups who have been working with too few resources for years need support, and the communities that have been dominated by a single party for years need to be reached. Forward Florida Action is raising the resources, laying the plans, and empowering communities.

Registering and reengaging the voters who have been overlooked for too long

Forward Florida Action is proud to be working to transform this state by registering and reengaging voters ahead of 2020 elections. In partnership with dozens of grassroots organizations across Florida, we are working to rebuild our democracy.

About Forward Florida PC

Forward Florida PC helps elect Democrats to state and local office and has a stated mission of flipping Florida blue in 2020.

Electing Democrats up and down the ballot

Forward Florida endorses and supports candidates for office that are strong, progressive leaders.

Legislative advocacy

As Florida’s legislature considers legislation that impacts everyday Flordians, Forward Florida speaks out and stands up unapologetically for progressive values and human dignity in our public policy.